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Paying it forward by Creating Values For Others. 
"Outstanding Value Always" Tyson Yuk



Hi, I'm Tyson Yuk, A Luxury Realtor I am also one of a Cofounding leader for PropNex luxury team and PropNex China Elite Team. Currently, I am a Project IC leader in Propnex Luxury Team, My forte is in high-end luxury property, landed property, the commercial segment which includes shophouses, buildings, hotels.



My Journey is real estate wasn't a bed of roses and before you embark this journey let me ask you. Are you at the lowest point in your life, perhaps a breaking point in your real estate career or you are looking to join real estate because you are exhausted from your current job?   Perhaps you are struggling to focusprocrastinating, couldn’t make clear & concise decisions and no sense of purpose or direction and lacked the confidence and lasting motivation to ambitiously pursue and reach your goals


Let me share a story, a life story of my struggles, failures and how had to I lose myself to find my real self. I have seen depression, I have been through debt, not once but twice. I lost direction, I lost purpose and I lost myself. I was very lucky I got my calling in real estate and had my redemption by joining Propnex and surrounding myself with the most positive team and people, and I am glad to gain my shine again. This time I learned, a true sense of happiness and success is when you are able to pay it forward by helping others in creating value. 


Disclaimer! I am not any life coach or a a guru who can give you a miracle to change your life! But if you are currently going through struggles like what I had been through and YOU WANT A BREAKTHROUGH in real estate and you are the commitment to give your 100% and nothing less when it comes to giving your loved ones the best. And If you think what I had been through and overcome is of inspiration to you feel free to call me for a coffee.












9 March 2019 is a very special day, my life story is shared at our PropNex Annual convention infront of thousands of our colleagues. Coincidentally, on the same day 11 years ago, 19th March 2008 was the most painful day of my life, it was the day I lost my beloved Mother and today’s video is dedicated in memory of her.


Frankly, it wasn’t easy for me to open up to share the most painful part of my life story that reflects my struggle, my failures, and my regrets. But eventually, I was convinced by a friend that if my sharing can inspire others who may be going through the same journey and probably prevent others from going through the same regrets in life , why not?

The key message to share is not to have any regrets in life! How not to have regret in life? In my opinion , as long we put in 100% to fulfill the most important things, love relationship, parents, careers and as long we have put in 100% there will not be any regrets. So give your 100% and nothing less when it comes to giving your love ones the best.

Last but not least thank you Propnex, a place I found my career and friendship where my heart belong .


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